Are you a Kenyan farmer? Family member of a farmer? Agrodealer? Extension specialist?
MbeguChoice is for YOU!

Are you looking for a well suited variety? For early maturity? For drought tolerance? For special properties such as cooking time? For more?
MbeguChoice is for YOU!

Answer a few simple questions about where you are located, and what type of crop seed you want, and MbeguChoice will show you the latest seed choices available to you, and tell you about them!


We welcome your comments, additions and corrections. Please include your name and phone number if you would like us to respond by phone.

MbeguChoice is the result of collaboration between the Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), Kenya’s crop seed companies, Agri Experience, Ltd., and Kenya Markets Trust.

MbeguChoice was developed to:
• Help Kenyan farmers, extension workers and agrodealers better understand available seed varieties
• Help ensure that farmers are planting the crop varieties best suited to their areas, that is, ensuring that seed is suitable and not “out of position”
• Showcase the excellent new varieties available on the market, including the special attributes of the crop varieties, and
• Improve yields on Kenya’s farms

If you want even greater search information and functionality, visit the SeedWorks tab on our sister site at www.seedsectorplatformkenya.com.

We welcome suggestions, additions and corrections. We regularly update the database behind MbeguChoice.

Please feel free to contact us at mbeguchoice@agri-experience.com.